What is the Jesus Experiment?

The Jesus Experiment is a movement of college students who are learning how to live their lives in the manner that Jesus lived his.

We learn from Jesus by gathering once every three weeks in a large group setting to hear Jesus teach from the Sermon on the Plain (Luke 6). We then take up a new “practice” from Jesus’ teaching like “seeing others through Jesus’ eyes” or “loving your enemies”

After that, we “experiment” for the next 21 days by trying to live out this practice in our lives. Why 21 days? That’s how long it takes to form a new habit.

During those 21 days, we meet weekly with a small group of three or four to encourage one another. Students choose their own small groups.

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Contact Pastor Brian (PB) brian.beckstrom@wartburg.edu

Panel 1

Schedule: Winter 2017

1/18 Introductory meeting: 7 PM, Chapel Commons (basement)

  • Come check out the Jesus Experiment and see if God is calling you to participate. No strings attached.
  • Topic: The calling of the disciples: Luke 5:1-12

1/25 Large Group Meeting: 7 PM, Chapel Commons (basement)

  • Topic: The Beatitudes (Luke 6:20-26)
  • Practice #1: See others through Jesus’ eyes

-Week of 2/1: Meet with your small group at a time and location that works for you

-Week of 2/8: Small Group

2/15 Large Group: 7 PM, Chapel Commons (basement)

  • Topic: Luke 6:27-36
  • Practice #2: Loving your enemies

-Week of 2/22: Small Group

-Week of 3/1: Winter Break (text or Snapchat your group members to check in)

3/8 Large Group: 7 PM, Chapel Commons (basement)

  • Topic: Luke 6:37-42
  • Practice #3: Don’t Judge

-Week of 3/15 Small Group

-Week of 3/22 Small Group

3/29 Large Group: 7 PM, Chapel Commons (basement)

  • Topic: Luke 6:43-49
  • Practice #4: Bearing good fruit

4/5 Small Group

4/12 Small Group

Panel 2

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